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Parents are connected to school via web portal, mobile apps etc. This enables the parents to know their ward to a better level and initiate necessary steps to improve the overall growth and studies.

Welcome to Our School

Trinity International Public School (TIPS) was established on 8th may 2013 in Eldeco Udyan -1 Gate no-1, Lucknow which occupies single campus covering lush green play
ground with modern spots facilities along with well equipped laboratories, library with varieties of educational & self grooming books,
computer lab and well ventilated classrooms.

History & Mile Stone

Trinity International Public School (TIPS) was established on 8th may 2013 in Eldeco Udyan -1 Gate no-1, Lucknow.


The school was founded by ex- Additional Commissioner Mr. B.L. Singh who emphasized on imparting to learn, relearn and participate activity in society.

Vision & Mission

To provide all students with the tools and strategies to learn and succeed in a global society.

To Nurture Your Creative Child

AIM & Objectives

The main aim of the institution is to free the students from book burden and to provide educational in playfull & creative ways to develop an all round personality.


Let Your Child Grab Our Special Features:-

  • Special mind & brain development training by dream technician.
  • Fee Structure provides the value for money to parents.
  • Caring and experienced teaching faculty.
  • Innovating, interesting & high-technology teaching methodology & smart classes powered by teach-next.
  • Comfortable & secured G.P.S based tracking system in all school vehicles.
  • Child progress & attendance directly sent to parents through SMS or Android App.
  • Secured campus & well monitored classes through 24 x 7 C.C.T.V cameras.

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To provide all students with the tools and strategies to learn
and succeed in a global society.


TIPS Curriculum not ony provides importance to academics, physical education and visual aids.

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There will be two Term Examinations, two Unit Tests and Class Tests. Promotion to the next Class is....

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Parents are requested to co-operate with the School by enforcing regularity, punctuality & discipline ....

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Parental Co-orporation

Expect and encourage your child to listen in a mutually respectful manner to both peers and adults.

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Fee Rules

The parents are required to pay the fees by the 15th of the concerned month. If the fee is not deposited within ....

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To Develop Leadership
To Develop Creativity
To Develop Positive Thinking

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Our Facilities

We help today's students to grow into tomorrow's exceptional citizens. Small wonder then, that in a short span of time,
the school has come to be recognized as an institution of repute.
We are proud to provide our students with hallmark of highly experienced teaching staff and an atmosphere conductive to an ideal learning experience.


(TIPS) was established on 8th may 2013 in Eldeco Udyan -1 Gate no-1, Lucknow which occupies single campus covering lush green play ground with modern sports facilities.

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TIPS provides a well maintained library with varieties of books. The students from play group to senior secondary classes have all the facilities to enjoy book reading in the library.

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The classrooms are well ventilated and have multiple provisions of unintrerrupted supply of light, air and electricity. The tutorial classes are designed for strength of 30-50 students.

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The play ground provides the playing facilities for different age groups of children. For nursery and preparatory classes the students have excellent facility of electronic swings, kangraroo etc.

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TIPS provides a well maintained computer lab. The Computer Lab has variety of computer hardware & latest version of computer softwares. Computer education is provided from class 1st onwards.

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The Biology Lab is situated on the ground floor with first aid box and fire extinguisher facilities. All sample slides are available for the purpose of practical experiment.

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Admission is open to all, irrespective of class, creed and community.

Each class has a limited number of seats for admission. The number of students in each class is about 35 - 50.

Minimum age for admission in play-group & nursery 3 years plus. The age counted for 1st april of the academic year.

Our new session starts from 1st april. The registration forms are available from 1st February and the registration procedure is to be completed by 15th March.

The Students are required to purchase their books, copies and dresses by 31st March.

No admission is taken in the mid-session, except transfer cases and other valid exceptions.

For new admission, we required character certificate, transfer certificate, marksheet of the last attended institution.

The school reserves the right of refusing admission/re-admission without assigning any reason for doing so.

The Transfer Certificate will be issued only when the School dues have been cleared.

A week's time is to be given for the issuing of any certificate or document from the School.

Pupils discontinuing in the middle of the term shall pay fees for the entire term.

Notice for withdrawal should be given in writing at least one month in advance.

The application for Transfer Certificate should be submitted in the office along with the fee.

The School authority can dismiss a student on any of the following grounds: vandalizing School property, indulging in destructive activities, disobedience to School authorities/teachers, continuous weakness in studies, irregularity in attendance, misbehavior, non-payment of fees or irregularity in payment.

Every student of Trinity International Public School must possess the willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the School. The students are expected to maintain the decorum of the School and should conduct themselves in a refined manner.

English is strictly the medium of communication within the School campus. All conversation between teachers, students and among the students themselves should be in English excepting in the Hindi period.

The School begins with Assembly and all are expected to be present for the same. Students must reach the School at least ten minutes before the Assembly bell. At the first bell they should all assemble in absolute silence.

Latecomers will not be allowed to attend the sessions of the day unless they bring a note to the teacher from the Principal. The School reserves the right of sending the latecomers back to their home.

The School gate will be closed five minutes prior to the School Assembly.

All the students must be clean and tidy in their person, dress and manners. Parents are requested to send their children to the School neatly dressed without which they will be refused admission to the class.

Every student should bring the School Diary daily.

Punctual and regular attendance, earnestness in home assignments and good behaviour in and outside the School are always insisted on.

In all these matters parents’ full cooperation is expected at all times. They should check the School Diary regularly and note the Teacher's remarks.

The students should keep their books clean, neatly covered, with their name written on them. All the prescribed Text books and copies should be bought before the opening of the School.

Students not adhering to the School uniform code may call for disciplinary action inclusive of being sent back home.

No student should leave the School premises during the School hours without the written permission of the Principal.

Unknown persons, relatives or servants will be not be allowed to come and fetch their child from the School incase of an emergency or any unforeseen situation.

Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable behaviour of any kind may result in disciplinary action.

Homework should be done regularly and submitted to the teachers. Students are awarded marks for homework regularity.

No objectionable reading, video or audio material should be brought or exchanged in the School. If students fail to adhere to it, they will be fined.

Any kind of damage done to the School property including ink stains/scribbling, writing on the walls, damaging the furniture, misappropriation of the things belonging to others, etc. are serious faults. The damage must be compensated for at the expense of the offender.

When a student is unable to attend the Class a leave application must be sent to the Principal giving the reason for his/her absence.

If a student continues to be absent for a month without any intimation to the Principal, his/her name will be struck off from the School rolls.

Punctual and regular attendance is always insisted upon. Irregularity in attendance is a major disruptive force in a student's life because it can lead to a lack of sustained interest in studies. Hence, the School takes a serious view of parents who do not ensure their ward's regular attendance.

When a student is unable to attend the Class a leave application must be sent to the Principal giving the reason for his/her absence.

If a student continues to be absent for a month without any intimation to the Principal, his/her name will be struck off from the School rolls.

Students are all expected to attend the School on the re-opening day after the vacation and on the last working day prior to the vacation, failing which they will face action against them. Absence without leave notice renders the student liable to have his/her name stuck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on the payment of a fresh admission fee.

All the students are expected to attend the celebration of National Festivals and other important occasions of the School, failing which their marks may be deducted.

Students of Classes X and XII should note that Admit Cards will not be issued if they fail to attend School till the last working day before the Preparatory leave begins. They should also comply with the Council's rule on minimum attendance of 75% for the Board Exam.

Students are accountable to the School authorities for their behavior both in the School and out of the School, particularly when they are in their School uniform.

If a student is found outside the School premises during working hours without the written permission of the school authorities, the Principal will be forced to take strict disciplinary action.


The latest state of the art infrastructure of The Trinity International Public School is that it runs in a serene environment of pollution free colony developed by Lucknow Development Authority at Eldeco Udyan-1, Lucknow. (TIPS) is envisioned as an unmatched and unique taste of the world education that goes beyond the confines of regular academics.
We strive to positively shape the student's personalities to build up their moral character and instil a sence of responsibility.




Parent's Teacher Meeting

Date: 24/02/2018.
Dear Parents, Parent-Teacher meeting will be held on Saturday, 24th Feb 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It is mandatory to attend the meeting to discuss the progress of your ward.


Contact Info

Eldeco Udyan - 1,
Gate No -1 (Near Casa Green)
Lucknow - 226002
P: (+91) 9415090179, 9910301694